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The Travel Lanka is born with the aspiration of delivering the serendipity of the unmatched diversity of our home land to all our clients and we strive to make your holiday a truly memorable and unforgettable one. We always adhere to our own codes of ethics in order to delighting our valued customers. We are fully geared to deliver our promise with our team who are friendly, highly motivated, dedicated for their profession...

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Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism intends to minimize negative social, economic, and environmental impacts while maximizing positive contributions to local communities, culture, and heritage, and is considered an essential aspect of both national and international tourism policies. We as a responsible travel entity seeks a continuous effort to achieve the sustainable goals by organizing and directing our entire operation. The hotels we promote are always carries the best sustainable practices and when we select the attractions, we offer to our guests we always pay a keen attention on the sustainable practices of our stake holders and encourage such initiatives while working towards achieving sustainable objectives in the meantime we commit to work on the following main action areas contributing to the tourism sustainability namely as, Reaching outs benefits for local communities, respect for local cultural heritage, protecting environment in all our activities while supporting eco system Conservation and minimization of pollution in all of our activities.

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marwansalama @marwansalama

One of the best vacations I've ever spent

I went on a 6-day tour with Travel Lanka in a very compacted program that I agreed on with Mr.Chanaka two weeks before our trip.

We were 9 persons, everything has been well planned from the 1st moment; starting from the well organised itinerary proposal sent from Mr. Chanaka, the timing schedule, the reschedule done by both Mr. Chanaka and Nuwan (our guide) to make the best use of our tight time to finish all of our visits.

I really appreciate everything they've done & helped us with, the trip was amazing and my group was satisfied with everything serviced during our stay in Sri Lanka.

I hope we can come again and of course; The Travel Lanka would be my 1st choice and my 1st recommendation for anyone of my friends planning to visit their beautiful country.

Thanks Mr. Chanaka & Nuwan for everything ❤️

Date of experience: February 2020


Guide to Sri Lanka TRAVEL LANKA

Chanaka the manager understood our requests well and put together a lovely itinerary. His suggestions and confirmations during the planning stage provided comfort and confidence before arrival.

Selection of hotels covered both basic and high ends. Though our first choice of hotels were not available, the two out of three alternatives out-did our expectations (vs rates and websites info). Asanka Tissa was a friendly, diligent and above all, experienced driver who knew when to overtake and when to stay in lane. Throughout our five-day journey there was no safety issues or worries among us. Some extra steps they took were admirable: providing a mobile phone for local communications; wifi in car; in addition to a local guide in the temple or unesco site, driver Asaka accompanyed us and facilitated; requesting room upgrades; being flexible on payments and no hidden charges.

Date of experience: January 2020

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Welcome to Sri Lanka

Endless beaches, timeless ruins, welcoming people, oodles of elephants, rolling surf, cheap prices, fun trains, famous tea and flavourful food make Sri Lanka irresistible.