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Activity Anuradhapura Bodhee Tree
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Anuradhapura Bodhee Tree

Sri Maha Bodhi (Bo) Tree or Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi is a sacred fig tree situated in Mahamewna Garden, Anuradhapura. It was planted in 288 BC and is considered to be one of the oldest human-planted trees in the world. Sri Maha Bodhi is an important holy tree for Sri Lankan Buddhists as it is the right shoot of the mother tree that Lord Buddha to attain enlightenment under. Today, hundreds of devotees flock around this sacred tree to worship with flower offerings and to perform the Bodhi watering ritual. Being one of the calmest attractions in Anuradhapura, Sri Maha Bodhi will show you another unique set of Buddhist worshipping rituals.

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