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Sri Lankan Attraction Padeniya Rajamaha Vihara

Padeniya Rajamaha Vihara

Located in Kurunegala district, Padeniya Rajamaha Vihara is a Buddhist temple with a great history and a story. The temple was the residency for one of the commanders of King Dutugemunu's giants army. Name being Therepuththabhaya, he served king Dutugemunu during the war against the south Indian invader, king Elara. As the legend goes, Therapuththabhaya became a monk and attained Nirvana. The frieze of colourfully painted fierce lions is one of the main highlights of the temple. With magnificent wood sculptures, and stone sculptures and a small stupa, Padeniya temple is must make it to every history buff’s ‘must-visit list’ in Kurunegala

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