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About Our Team

Our Team

Since the year 2010 our team is evolving with their experience and learned to go the extra mile to delight our valued guest with their varied needs, Our team is young, enthusiastic and professionally qualified and highly responsible for all the customers all the time and we genuinely care about the needs of our guest all the time. and it’s our people and their travel expertise that set us apart from the rest. Our specialists can share this wisdom with you effortlessly, and tailor something amazing for you that ticks every box and gives you complete peace of mind for your vacation in Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Chanaka Gunasinghe

With his diploma in marketing plus 25 years of sales and marketing experience in several leading conglomerates in Sri Lanka he carries a vast knowledge about the industry in addition with the sound knowledge in the field of psychology, his ambition is to offer a holiday package with a perfect blend of authentic experience with peace of mind vacation to our guest in every aspect of their tour.

Chathurika Priyadarshani

She starts her career in the hospitality industry and where she started studying accountancy She is currently responsible for managing entire financing of the company, as well as helping prepare management accounts She particularly enjoys the opportunities this provides for putting her studies into practice. She’s keen to develop her skills within the Finance sector, she also likes reading and exploring the landscape of Sri Lanka.

Kanchana Bopitiya

She enjoys being the client Relationship specialist as she has the native ability of listening to the other people. She always makes sure that the tiny need of the client is fulfilled during their tour as she is a master of exploring the exact need of our client. Her devoted love for the kids makes her duties pleasing experience for her specially when she works with the clients who travel as families.


Prabika is a very gentle, kind-hearted, honest and responsible person. We are lucky to have her in our team. She was in the financing sector for long period and currently she is responsible for all the reservations and she make sure that all of our clients will receive the best possible reservations for all the entire tour arrangement. She likes to plant flowers and look at life, always appreciating and preserving the good things.


He carries an exceptional knowledge about the hiking tracks in Sri Lanka and love to do hiking with his clients. Young enthusiastic person with the correct balance of silence and talkativeness in his job. A devoted farmer and spends all his spare time to make his paddy fiend uplifting with the latest farming techniques. He is in our team for last 8 years and have rendered his service to many travelers from different parts of the world.


The most experienced member in our team having more than 20 years’ experience in the field of tourism as a chauffeur guide and a silence character and takes care of our clients like a father as described many of the clients who was offered of his service. He has an ample knowledge about the road network and the touristic activities’ locations of the country and famous among our team as a person who can handle any intense situation with a easy going mindset.


Nuwan is one of the youngest member in our team and he likes to be in happy mode all the time we all love him as person who smiles a lot and genuinely and his smiles is so lovable and attractive and they just dazzle with positivity and good vibes. He loves to accompany with the children and cuddle with them and take good care of the kids when he travels with the families. He is in the field for more than 10 years and having sound knowledge as a chauffeur guide.


A silent character in nature he keeps the perfect balance of distance and friendliness with his clients as most of the clients recommends him with those words and he has a keen sense of be proactive when it comes to identifying the need of the clients and Sumeera carries many years of experience as a chauffeur guide and he has natural love to be on the travel and he enjoys his work every moment of his travel with the clients.


Is One of the pioneering member in our team and knows the in and out of every aspect of tourism related areas and activities in the country and it’s literally impossible to make him short temper as he has immense level of tolerance on the others and he is a genius of handling any level of client as he is a master of chauffeur guiding in our team. Asanka has very good knowledge in the wild life as he comes from the most famous national park area of Sri Lanka Yala. He has more than 20 years of experience I the field of chauffeur guide in Sri Lanka.

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