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Holiday Destination City Polonnaruwa


Situated in the North-Western province, Polonnaruwa is the second kingdom of Sri Lanka which dazzled during the 11th century until 1310 CE. The ancient city of Polonnaruwa is abundant in monasteries, stupas, Buddha statues and reservoirs showcasing the grandeur of the Polonnaruwa era. The 16 sacred places of Polonnaruwa is the top highlight of the area worshipped by Buddhists in the island. The region is also known for its advanced irrigation systems which were used to supply water to paddy fields of the area giving the name “Wavu Bandi Rata” in the native language to the area. It means a country who build with reservoirs. Polonnaruwa is also a great place to experience the rural farming lifestyle of Sri Lankans. A ride in a traditional boat is a great way to spend an evening enjoying a sunset amidst the calm waters of a reservoir.

Minneriya Sri Lanka

Located close to Polonnaruwa, Minneriya national park is one of the top national parks in Sri Lanka that tourists and locals visit every year.

The national park is part of the elephant corridor which joins up with Kaudulla and Wasgomuwa parks. Known for the world’s largest elephant gathering Minneriya national park is home to many elephants. Covering an area of 8,889 hectares the park can be easily accessed from cities such as Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Habarana and Giritale. May to October is the best period to visit Minneriya National Park so you could take a safari ride to witness the grand elephant gathering. 

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Wasgamuwa Sri Lanka

Bounded to Matale and Polonnaruwa districts, Wasgamuwa national park is situated at a distance of 225 km away from Colombo. The national park spans across an area of 36,900 hectares and is bordered by 2 main Rivers; Amban Ganga and Mahaweli Ganga in east and west. With a large heard of elephants (around 150), the best time to witness elephants at the park is from November to May. Apart from that the park is home to Purple-faced langur monkeys, sambar wild boars, and spotted deer, buffalos, water monitors, mugger crocodiles, estuarine crocodiles and pythons (Python Molurus).

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